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VIVOTEK: Dr. Bolida - Outubro 2010

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Dear Friends,

If you have ever had concerns about not having enough storage for recorded video, you'll be interested in a message I recently received from a friend of mine, Paul in Germany-no, I don't mean Paul the prognosticating octopus! Paul said that he wanted to record video from his camera continuously, but noticed how quickly he was running out of storage. I'm sure he's not the only one who has encountered this issue, so I will share a tip for making the most of the storage you do have in order to record more video.

So, how can we record more video while using the same amount of storage? VIVOTEK has a handy solution with our Activity Adaptive Streaming (AAS) feature. With AAS enabled, only a limited subset of the video data is transmitted from the camera when no event trigger has occurred. Once a trigger event occurs, the camera then streams the video in high quality so that all necessary details are captured.

Let's see how this works using the IP7161 as an example. Continuous recording at a maximum frame rate and resolution (1600x1200) would take up around 50GB per day. But with AAS enabled, the storage needed would decrease to just 8.5 to 12GB per day, depending on the amount of activity. That means that the user can realize 4 to 7 times more recording time with the same amount of storage. Pretty cool, right?

If you'd like to find out more about AAS, please check VIVOTEK's website for all the details. Hope this helps.

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