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Dr. Bolida - Setembro 2011

Dr. Bolida - Logótipo

60 fps Raises Recognition Accuracy - Video
60 fps Raises Recognition Accuracy - Video

Dear integrators,

How are you? It is Dr. Bolida again, here to solve problems in the world of security.

With the recent London riot taking place, everyone has become increasingly concerned with theft, robbery and vandalism. The greatest fear among us is often the inability to identify the criminals. To capture footage is easy. To see clearly what's in the footage is another story. However, with VIVOTEK's talented R&D team and their countless effort in creating imaging devices that produce unique, consecutive pictures, the IP8352 is here to save the day, especially for my friend Reza, again.

So there is Reza, sitting behind the desk in his office going over picture frames from the assembly line machine at his factory. Frowned and frustrated, Reza just can't seem to find what he's looking for.

"Reza, did something happen at the factory and you need to locate the issue?"

"Hi Doc. Something went wrong in the middle of the assembly line and I am trying to figure out what it was," said Reza. "This camera is pretty old and with 30 frames per second, there's just not enough details in the pictures."

I quickly examined the camera. I put it aside and pulled out an IP8352 from my magic pocket. "Here, try it," I said it with a wink.

Reza seemed to have doubts, but no harm checking it out, he thought, so he gave it a try.

"Wow! I can see everything now, and I mean, everrrrything!" Reza looked like as if Christmas had come early.

"Our VIVOTEK IP8352 comes with 60 frames per second. With fast moving objects like the assembly line at your factory or high-speed vehicles on the street and so on, very often anything lower than 60 fps is not enough for clear, accurate identification," I said.

"What else can system integrators use 60 fps for?" Reza asked.

"Facial recognition for biometric pairing if there is a backend database, for example, at the police station," I said. "Lots of places use IP8352 to identify faces of criminals in the event of theft, robbery or vandalism, which I hope will never happen at your factory, Reza!"

Dear integrators,

If you are interested in the new feature, 60 fps, of IP8352, you can find more product information on VIVOTEK's web site. Till then, hopefully Reza stays out of trouble...

See you next time!

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