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On-camera Video Content Analysis Available at VIVOTEK

Dear Integrators,

In this month's letter I'd like to tell you about an awesome feature that's available on VIVOTEK cameras on a per-project basis. It's called video content analysis, or VCA for short.

Now, you might've heard of VCA, but if you have, you're probably thinking, "Wait a minute. Doesn't VCA run on a video management software? Did Doc really just say VIVOTEK has it on their cameras?"

Yes, that's right-on cameras. The big advantage of adding VCA to cameras is that it takes the processing load off the server. That's fantastic because as valuable as server-side VCA is, it doesn't scale well, often forcing users to limit the number of channels that can be analyzed. With VIVOTEK's camera-side VCA, or edge VCA, users can perform VCA on more channels at the same time without degrading server performance.

VIVOTEK's on-camera VCA gives users four powerful features. The first is called trip wire. This lets you draw a virtual line in the camera's field of view, and receive a notification when an object crosses the line-say when a car or person gets too close to the tracks at a railway crossing. A second feature in VIVOTEK's on-camera VCA is called intrusion. The idea here is similar to the trip wire feature, but it lets you define an area instead of just drawing a line.

The third feature is called object counting. Object Counting tracks the directional movement and activity of objects as they pass through a line defined by the user. The application is designed for passing, entrances and exits. Such technology is able to decrease the chances of counting errors caused by external factors such as shadows, lighting changes and reflections.

The fourth feature is called metadata, which is mostly information about the location and size of objects in the video. This metadata can be used by VMS software with VCA capabilities. Even third-party VMS packages can be easily integrated with VIVOTEK cameras with VCA to analyze video and detect missing objects, loitering and so on.

Edge VCA is a great feature to highlight to customers, so if you have a project where VCA is called for, please contact your sales rep. or project consultant in VIVOTEK.

Until next time,

Dr. Bolida

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