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Dear MOBOTIX Partner,

Today we would like to announce the release of the following products:

Based on Thermographic technology, the new M15D-Thermal Camera detects and depicts temperature distribution on surfaces and objects. The thermal sensor is capable of detecting images in complete darkness and/or through smoke, smog, or a thin plastic screen. In combination with the MxActivitySensor, extremely reliable video analysis of person/vehicle movements are also possible to block out disruptive factors such as regular movements of ”cold“ objects such as bushes, grass, water, clouds, waves etc.

Critical to note: Purchase Orders of the M15D-Thermal Thermographic Camera will be 100% committal, making an order non-cancelable. The lead time entails 6-12 Weeks. Also, it is essential, each distributor must be aware of the Special Export Regulations set forth by the ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations).

Also, the one-of-a-kind modular design of the M15D system platform, ensures maximum flexibility enabling a 5MP sensor module for identification to be added alongside the Thermographic Camera. The M15D-Thermal Thermographic Camera will have three horizontal image angles available, 45, 25 and 17 degrees.

The M15D platform will now be available in sets which include 'Day & Night' sensor modules. It is possible to order the ”Day & Night” versions of the M15D with five different lens sizes. This provides for high-quality true-color images during the day and high light sensitivity at night. The anti-theft protection modules will be pre-installed in the camera housing.

MOBOTIX will also be expanding on the success of our S15D platform by offering a BlockFlexMount Sensor Module. This particular (IP30) module is integrated in a robust aluminum block with prepared mounting holes. The concealed mounting of a MOBOTIX HiRes camera can be carried out quickly and easily in devices such as ATMs, machines for function and production monitoring, or very discreetly in paneling, columns etc.

Our D15D is now enhanced for night applications by providing lens units with a B/W sensor, integrated long-pass filter (LPF) and a lens of your choice (L25 to L160). The lens unit with LPF, together with an infrared sensor, provides the basis for optimal license plate identification in all lighting conditions.

MOBOTIX extends its home automation program to include frames and housings for four Door Station modules with the Frame For The IP Video Door Station (T24/T25).

In this latest product announcement is included a MOBOTIX Cable Guide providing an overview of cable available for cameras and accessories.

Attached you will find the MOBOTIX Product Announcement PDF with all the necessary information i.e. pricing, part numbers and date of availability. Please read carefully and forward to all necessary departments within your company. Please also watch our installation and unboxing videos.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with either your local MOBOTIX Business Development Manager or the Inside Sales Team.

Best regards from your International Sales Team!

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