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High Speed Internet Solutions
for Home and Business

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What DrayTek provides

With rapid ICT development in the telecome industry, High Speed Internet (HSI) gradually becomes an affordable option to Home users which also have been acquired by most Business-level segments (such as Verizon FiOS, Comcast Xfinity Internet Program...etc.). You may subscribe an over 100 Mbps lease line to enjoy fast Internet's A/V entertainment (iTunes, Pandora, Netflix Youtube...etc..), Infotainment (Animal Planet, Discovery channel...etc.) at home. Or any start-ups entity and SMEs may easily get connected on the Internet with the fast, reliable connection speed for their business operation alike big companies.

While choosing DrayTek Vigor router solution for HSI, you get premium features in addition to the listed, price quoted but basic Wi-Fi connection from services providers. You don't need to compromise to current vendor solutions in the market but you'll earn holistic routing features from DrayTek Vigor router solution as to act more proactive and promising activities via optimizing your subscribed bandwidth. Such as child protection over Internet web surfing,  traffic analyzer and secured path control/management between home and business network.
Also, your service provider may keep your Internet connection in well managed via deploying DrayTek's Multi-site Central Management utility over your registered router ie VigorACS SI, TR-069 Auto Configuration System.
The Internet networking total solutions and service you will get from DrayTek include:

  • Giga High-Speed WAN/LAN, Bandwidth Management/QoS
    High-Speed Internet and traffic prioritizing
  • Child protection/parental control
    Prevent children from accessing adult-oriented web sites.
  • Home & Business network protection with robust firewall
    Firewall, URL/Web Content Filter protection over IP-layer and content
  • Wi-Fi 802.11n WLAN
    • SSID: Block unknown/unauthorized devices access your WLAN network;
    • Wireless Bridge/Repeater connection: Expending wireless connection;
    • QoS over WLAN: Bandwidth control/management for wireless connection;
    • Web Portal Redirect: WLAN user's portal direction from WiFi hotspot;
  • Traffic analyzer for daily working
    Analyze how each employee spending their work hours and reduce time spending on personal related activities
  • Multi-site Central Management
    Allow your Internet network and registered device to be easily and auto discovered, categorized, monitored, managed, secured and configured remotely. Enjoy real time on-line protection and management services by your service provider.
What DrayTek provides How it works Get what I need

How it works

In High Speed Internet environment, DrayTek Vigor solutions satisfy WAN throughput over 100Mbps and give advance features to meet needs of home and business segments. 

Giga High-Speed WAN/LAN, Bandwidth Management/QoS

    High-Speed Internet and traffic prioritizing


Web Content Filter for parental control (WCF)

You can simply select items from pre-defined categories in the WCF section, such as gambling or Illegal-Drug and then K12 kids cannot surf websites containing these contents.

Smart Monitor Traffic Analyzer to reduce employee time waste

As adopting Smart Monitor utility, you can verify network information to solve different problems derived from the network applications effectively and efficiently. No matter network logging record, e-mail record or IM chatting record, or file downloading, SIP call, VPN connection and more. “Timeline” feature gives you in-depth understanding how every employee spends the working hours in order to find way to enhance productivity.


VPN protection for secure remote access

Vigor solutions support both LAN-to-LAN (site-to-site) and Remote dial-in (client-to-site) in PPTP/L2TP/IPSec that helps tele-worker access corporate data/application in anytime/anywhere. For remote dial-in, we support multiple OS for working with any device. On the other hand, users don’t need to pay any license /renewal fee for VPN tunnels offered by Vigor solutions.


Firewall with Content Security Management

CSM (Content Security Management) enables users to control and manage IM (Instant Messenger) and P2P (Peer-to-Peer) applications more efficiently. It hence prevents inappropriate content from distracting employees and impeding productivity. Furthermore, the CSM can keep office networks threat-free and available.


Advance management of WLAN network

Offer multiple encryption / MAC address control and separate guest and private areas by Multi-SSID

Define suitable bandwidth for each SSID

Extending wireless connection

Web Portal for effective promotion

Click to see the feature demo movie


Multi-site Central Management



What DrayTek provides How it works Get what I need

Get what I need

Home Router

Vigor2130 series

 Super fast broadband router/firewall for xDSL/ Cable-modem users 
 Up to 800Mbps WAN throughput (ideal for FTTx services)
 Support IPv6 & IPv4 dual stack
 Parent control by web content filtering (optional)
 2 VPN connections for teleworkers
 WiFi (802.11n wireless LAN) with WMM (WiFi multimedia) 

More Info.


Business Router

Vigor2920 Series

 Dual WAN for WAN failover/load-balancing
 4-port Gigabit LAN switch
 32 VPN tunnels with VPN failover
 Object-based firewall with Content Security Management
 Multi-subnets for workgroup isolation
 802.11n wireless LAN
 Smart Monitor Traffic Analyzer (Up to 30 nodes)

More Info.


Wireless Access Point

VigorAP 800

• Business-class 802.11n WLAN access point 
• PoE feature for easy installation (LAN-A1 Port)
• Wi-Fi multimedia (WMM) quality of service features 
• Supports 4 SSIDs  
• Multiple operation modes including WDS & Universal Repeater

More Info.


Multi-site Central Management


•  Centralized configuration and monitoring of network devices 
•  TR-069 based Auto Configuration Server
•  Automated Drag & Drop feature for VPN connections
•  Locations shown on Google Map
•  Alarm Records

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