IFSEC 2012 & Secutech 2012 News Flash,

Brickcom is pleased to showcase our latest products at IFSEC 2012. It's a great chance to introduce N Series and 5M Series to the buyers.

At IFSEC 2012, Brickcom showcased the FB-300Np Fixed Box Camera, which won Secutech Camera Excellent Award 2012 from more than 20 competitors, drew attentions because it delivers HDTV (1080p) video quality in low light situations by using SONY CMOS Sensor, WDR and multiple camera profile management for detailed monitoring and recording, especially in low light conditions.

Also, Brickcom's new 5-megapixel HD Network Cameras attracted a lot of attention. Brickcom 5M Series are capable of transmitting high resolution up to 5 Megapixel and can be downscaled to HDTV format in full frame rate (Full HD 1080p @ 30 fps streaming).

As being a leading manufacturer of IP surveillance, we also exerted originalities on our surveillance solution. We used a toy train to display our impressive camera image and wireless technology. Our wireless technology can transmit Full HD images in real time. We also design an interactive demo of Full HD cameras. Customers can choose any camera image they want to see through Touch panel. Please click the next link for live demo video clip.

You can access all of the details about the products displayed at IFSEC 2012 by searching product introduction on website,
or contact us info@brickcom.com.

We appreciate your time and attention and look forward to the cooperation in the near future.

Live demo video clip ↓

About Brickcom Corporation
Brickcom Corporation is a leading manufacturer of IP surveillance equipment and a pioneer of wireless surveillance solutions. The company's comprehensive product portfolio includes a full line of IP network cameras, video servers, video management hardware and software, and a full range of networking and camera accessories. Brickcom's BrickOne Solution® can provide a complete wired or wireless IP security system for residential, commercial, and industrial environments. Brickcom aims to make IP surveillance easy - plug and play. For more information, please visit www.brickcom.com


Best regards,
Ebony Huang
Brickcom Corporation


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