PRESS RELEASE, Wed, Aug 3, 2011

Brickcom releases the most intelligent and compact 5M Cube Network Camera

Brickcom Corporation is pleased to announce CB-500A Series Network Camera, the smallest cube camera with most functional design. The Brickcom 5 megapixel cube cameras Series includes CB-500A/ CB-502A/ WCB-500A and WCB-502A, offers HDTV image quality and smart video surveillance features, is ideal for professional indoor surveillance like small businesses, boutiques, restaurants, hotels and residences.


Superior HDTV Video Quality

The Brickcom CB-500A Series provides full frame rate video in resolutions up to 5 Megapixel including Full HD 1080p @30 fps while at the same time supporting H.264, Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 for multiple streaming applications. The CB-500A Series adopted a 1/2.5" Sensor which offers highly reliable video quality under low Lux applications (0.5 Lux @ F1.5/ 0.8Lux @ F1.8.) The Brickcom CB-500A Series offers exceptional image clarity and vivid color rendition making the CB-500A Series the perfect camera choice for professional installers.

Smart design & intelligent surveillance software features

The CB-500A Series is designed with powerful software features to maximize the camera capabilities and adapt variable environments to provide optimized video quality. The intelligent multi-profile supports 5 profiles, allows users being able to configure more parameter of image. With this feature, the user has the ability to set various sensor and lens attributes in a profile, including the brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation, exposure, de-noise, white balance etc. Furthermore, the profiles can be switched automatically following the user-defined schedule. Up to 3 pre-set profiles (Day, Night, and Sunset) and 2 user-defined profiles are provided for the camera for unprecedented flexibility.

Alarm capability & edge recording

The CB-500A Series is designed with a PIR sensor for detecting movement even in dark and a white LED for illumination the scene at an event. Moreover, it supports DI/DO for external alarm device. By integrating with the Brickcom BP-1000 power battery pack, the CB-500A Series can supports the edge recording, the camera can continue recording and store the data to the SD/SDHC card when the network or power connection is interrupted.

Easy & Flexible installation

The CB-500A Series offers a variety of options for data transmission to meet different needs, the WCB-500A and WCB-502A support 802.11 a/b/g/n dual band and 3G/4G (WiMAX/LTE) wireless connectivity. This allows installers the flexibility to utilize Wi-Fi and 3G networks in areas where cabling installation would be costly or difficult to implement.

Brickcom's wireless Cube cameras support WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) which allows for easier setup and a secure wireless network connection. The CB-500A Series also supports PoE (Power over Ethernet) which makes installation a breeze.

Feature Highlights

  • Smartest, most compact and affordable 5M Camera in the world
  • HDTV quality (Full HD 1080p @ 30 fps streaming)
  • Intelligent Multi-Profile for Different Environments
  • Special Design for Low Lux Application (1/2.5" Sensor)
  • Support 802.11a/b/g/n Dual Band Wireless Connectivity
  • WPS Supported for Easy Wireless Network Setup
  • Support 3G/ 4G (WiMAX/ LTE) Wireless Connectivity
  • Interchangeable CS Mount Lens
  • Power over Ethernet
  • PIR sensor and illumination LED
  • Microphone and speaker
  • DIDO I/O Port
  • Micro SD slot for Edge Recording Application
  • Crystal like picture               

The CB-500A cameras is available since August 2011 through Brickcom's distribution channels. For more product photos and application, please visit

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